Friday, February 1, 2013

Shades of Earth

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

Plot summary omitted for fear of series spoilers!!

Speaking of stunning series conclusions...

I raved about the first book, Across the Universe, here and included it in my list of favorite books I read in 2012. I haven't formally reviewed the second book, A Million Suns, but I loved that one as well. I can't talk about either without giving things away, which is making me crazy because there are so many plot points I want to mention, and several works I'd love to draw parallels to.

Which is not to say that Revis doesn't have a unique and fresh voice, because she certainly does. In all of the books I was impressed by her ability to construct such rich settings and complex characters, not to mention the carefully crafted tensions, moral quandaries and, best of all, mysteries! She is a master of suspense, with a perfect balance in revealing just enough information to keep her readers satisfied, while adding more layers and twists. 

There's just so much to love in this series. The ship was fascinating, and there's more of it to see in each book. The mission, sending cryogenically preserved people across space on a generation ship is not new, but it's just so interesting and there is so much to work with in this premise. Best of all, there is a FANTASTIC protagonist. I love Amy so much, especially after this third book. She definitely outshines her male counterparts, although for the most part they are likable and complex as well. She shows plenty of growth throughout the series but all along she is a strong, resourceful and compassionate person who rises to several impossible occasions. Other YA authors should read this and take notes.

I can't recommend these page-turners enough. Go forth and read!


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