Monday, December 10, 2012

My Nerd Wishes for 2013

For 2013, I wish for....

10) The S.H.I.E.L.D. series to be picked up and be awesome and Whedony.

9) The Outlander series to be picked up and be awesome and star Chris Hemsworth and an actress good enough to play Claire.

8) The Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell series to be picked up and be awesome and star David Tennant.

7) The chance to go back to NYCC.

6) The Walking Dead to not kill all of my favorite characters (I know I shouldn't have picked any, ever, but Season Three's midseason finale made me realize how much I care about Daryl, Glen and Maggie. Blast). Also, while I'm wishing for things from AMC, I'd really, really like for Jesse to survive the finale of Breaking Bad, and for the show to close on a scene ten-fifteen years later of him teaching a chemistry class.

5) David Tennant to be involved with the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, double points if Billie Piper is involved as well, and even moooooore points if they bring back Donna Noble, K-9, and/or Captain Jack Harkness. Pretty please, Steven Moffat?

4) Actually, Moff (may I call you Moff?), if you're doling out favors, here's another wish: cast Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master on Doctor Who. Pretty please? It's a complete no-brainer- Cumberbatch could talk circles even around the Doctor, and I'm sure he could bring a chilling, biting calm to the role to replace the madcap wackiness of the last go-round, while being more menacing by far. Also, and this is perhaps the biggest factor in we wanting to him play the Master: the Internet. Would. Explode. Tumblr would SHUT DOWN and the "squees" of Whovians and Sherlockians would be heard by the Mars rover.

3) George R.R. Martin to keep on trucking. I could pretend that I mean simply "to continue writing," but, shamefully, I also mean that I am fervently wishing for his continued health. The world needs him to finish his life's work, for we shall all perish in fits of frustration and woe if Westeros is left kingless (or queenless! Go Dany!) Go for a walk, ease up on the football and maybe eat a few salads, George? <3 p="p">
2) Community to come back and be the same show we know and love. I want the absurdly obscure references, the episode long homages to tv tropes, the bizarre and easy to miss throwaway lines, the Spanish raps, the insanity that is Senor Chang, Jeff's narcissism and inspiring speeches, Abed's inability to relate to the world without the lens of television, Inspector Spacetime, the Dreamatorium, paintball, Shirley's purse, the heartwarmingness of the group, the magic of the study table, and the unabashed oddness. I don't want it to be more relatable, I want it weird and wonderful like always. Six seasons and a movie!!

1) Firefly to come back. I know it's been ten years, but you can't stop the signal, nor can you take the sky from me. We will rise again, Browncoats unite, and we're still flying. Now that Joss has had a triply awesome year, maybe, just maybe, this can happen. Even if it's only a radio play, or even better, an animated series, I just want my big damn heroes back.

*Some of these (#5) are more likely than others (#1, *sniff*). But that's why they are wishes and not "Things I Fully Expect to Have Happen."

**There's a noticeable lack of books on this list, mostly because the world of publishing is a safer, steadier world of pre-established release dates and planned series. For a book to be released, it "simply" needs to be written and approved by the publisher. There's (almost never) any issues involving who has the rights to what characters/franchise, there's no cast to bring together, no sets to build, no competing time slots, and nowhere near as many budgeting issues. Short of worrying about whether an author will run out of ideas and/or keel over at the keyboard, books seem far less precarious to me.

What nerdy things are you hoping for in the coming year?


Michael Rex said...

Neill Blomkamp's follow up to "District 9"..."Elysium!"

George Miller's 4th Mad Max movie, "Fury Road" with Tom Hardy as Max.

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